Daniel has spanned many roles in my life - teacher, guide, sounding board, healer, friend.  For so long I couldn’t find the words to represent what we have done together.  I was on a quest for “something more” and Daniel dropped into my life when I was finally ready to tackle what that meant.  In essence, I have learned how to tune back into the nature of my own human existence.  That task is not smaller than it sounds.  The wisdom and guidance Daniel has shared forever changed the way I can look at and live in this world.  I am no longer shackled by the unknown but witness to its unraveling masterpiece… and curator of how I will walk through it.

Daniel’s heart-born service can hardly be categorized.  His blend of shamanic healing and Chinese medicine is bonded in age-old wisdom and filled with devotion.  This work is not just important, it is necessary. 

To better explain the scope of his practice,  I’d like to share a glimpse of how I got introduced to the rest of my life.

I am a seeker at my core, with an insatiable curiosity in all things life.  But as I got “more adult”, my seeking turned into this results-driven sort of thing—just a means to an end.   When it came to inner reflection or spirituality, I would subscribe when the static got too loud.

When my heart was shattered into a million pieces, a few words from Deepak Chopra and I somehow felt loved.  When I couldn’t stop thinking about what this person must think of me or how I should be more this or less that… Eckhart Tolle somehow stilled my flashflood of anxious projections.  A psychic, tarot reader, or chakra healer was always a call away.  I liked the idea of spirituality so much but I kind of wanted to dial it in.   I was hoping someone could just put the acupuncture needle in some magic spot that would wash away all the reasons I couldn’t sleep at night.

I bought books about stones, healing, light-working…and while many pages were read, just as many were not.   Once “real life” started feeling little bit better than before, the books on my shelf collected dust.  I couldn’t quite talk my inner-cynic into a long-term relationship with this stuff.   Devoting effort understanding and especially faith to a greater existence and purpose lasted long enough to pull me out of muddy waters.  And when the water cleared, my devotion narrowed into a sweet little compartment until this next storm.  

I was suffocating in my own inauthenticity. 

And there I found myself, in the winter months of 2015, with a hurricane of pain in my heart that I couldn’t understand.  I was in the relationship I desired; I had the most beautiful network of friends and clients; business was going well and something I enjoyed.   So why did my soul feel empty?  What was that insurmountable void?  I was desperately unhappy in the “happy” life I created.

Something deep within felt “not enough”.  

Were the people in my life not enough?  Why was I constantly craving more… love, success, security?   Should I feel guilty for not being satisfied?  For feeling empty? Why don’t I feel good enough?  I read all the books, I “knew” what to tell myself… But I didn’t feel it in my body.  The things I’d sincerely tell a friend from the purest love in my heart, I couldn’t say to myself.

After a trip to Sedona and a synergistic spiral of insights, it was time to dive headfirst into the empty space.  But I didn’t know how to do it and I sure as hell wasn’t going alone.  I wanted a teacher, a guide, an assignment…something or someone to get me to good, because I knew this couldn’t be it!  I walked with hard-wired demands for said teacher to solve: 

I didn’t feel good about myself and needed free of my own judgement.

I didn’t feel I was fulfilling my potential and I wanted direction. 

I didn’t feel I understood myself or how to open my heart, and I wanted magic.  

I wanted to understand my purpose as a human being walking upon this earth. 

I wanted to truly experience the yoga and believe in the gift of this life.

I wanted to heal, to offer healing--to understand it, know it, share it. 

I wanted a voice to my choking intuition. 

I was still secretly hoping someone would find the missing chapter archived in my subconscious that I had forgotten to read and just say, here you go, I found it.  I wanted a well-drawn map but the universe delivered a compass…

This is how I met Daniel. 

When we first spoke on New Year’s Eve of 2015, I didn’t rattle off all my teacher prerequisites, aka unveil my deepest vulnerabilities.  It went more like, Hi, nice to meet you, I’m looking for a “shamanic apprenticeship”, as if training for my next career move.  I barely knew what I was proposing, but he understood well beneath the unspoken layers.  He heard the parts of me that were ready to wake up, stop cutting corners, and take ownership of my own life.

No one, no book, no chakra cleanse was going to fix me.  I didn’t need fixing; I needed attention… and not from Daniel, but from myself.  He created a space for me to get to know myself all over again.

 I entrusted Daniel blindly. 

 The gravity of this statement cannot be overlooked. 

I didn’t trust him to house-sit for me and hopefully not steal anything.  And for that, I would probably need more than one conversation to feel good about it.  I trusted him with my entire psyche.  Deep down, I was asking for a journey not an outcome, and he knew it before I did.  I wanted to be a better human and he was dedicated to making that happen. 

The months that followed were a whirlwind of transformation mixed with the usual daily grind.   Through it all, I felt utterly supported exploring the more in life, in ways I didn’t know I needed. This was unchartered territory that shook the ground I stood upon.  Daniel stood by my side in every way and helped me to not only feel “normal” but also understood, heard, seen.  He offered a mirror, so I could stare at my own faith over and over again, even when my mind screamed with doubt. 

Our sessions together would include any combination of acupuncture, breath-work, shamanic journeys, visualizations, reiki, drumming…. He organically calibrated the right techniques for me in that moment, rather than affixing to some predetermined template.  We also discussed whatever was coming up for me, whether sorting through yesterday’s drama or dissecting some philosophical life question.  As a highly verbose person, this aspect of our work was incredibly important to me.  Daniel is truly gifted in his ability to remove himself from the “story” and offer back a tone of what you’re really saying.  He gave voice to my intuition when I didn’t know how to trust it.  I have learned how to hear myself and to believe what I’m saying.

He introduced tools, practices, and streams of thought that lit his own path and invited me to use them.  I did everything in my own time… sometimes the perfect student, sometimes the rebellious delinquent.  This work doesn’t really have a deadline, though.  Each session we picked up from wherever I left off.  Daniel knew how to meet me without validation or judgement and to hold space for how I arrived, as that has its own perfection. 

The more I integrate the practices I have learned, the greater trust and confidence I find in my own voice.  This has led me down a delicious path of more seeking without being attached to some outcome.  My studentship with Daniel was not a means to an end, but to a beginning.  He helped me tune back into the Me-frequency and Trust in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I don’t need to “feel better” anymore.  I’ve welcomed pieces of myself back into my heart that I didn’t know were hiding…and I feel whole.  Life is full of ups and downs, but I am resilient amidst the waves and soulfully of service to the greater mystery.  This is the kind of work that keeps on expanding and healing and giving.  Daniel always told me we are our own greatest guides.  When I read old entries about what I hoped to feel, achieve, or shift, I am humbled by truth.  The fruit of my intentions and our work together is ever apparent.  Daniel shined the light for me to journey inward, get back to center, remember the core of who I am so that I can share that with the world.  I live in the deepest gratitude to Daniel’s work and his path.


"Daniel has been amazing to work with these last six weeks. He is super easy to talk to, and magically keeps even the heavy stuff light. By creating a safe and comfortable environment you can truly let go, relax and let the body do what it needs and wants to promote optimal health and wellness. He has an uncanny ability of finding people's "stuff"... our old baggage we are carrying around and helping us navigate the unfamiliar or scary territory so we can eventually release it.

Since seeing him I feel as though my mood swings have completely stabilized. After leaving his office I float through the rest of my day as if I'm naturally high. No joke. My obsessive behaviors have lessened and I have been able to practice balance in all aspects of my life. Including issues with food and exercise.  Plus I have lost 5 pounds... Yay! I sleep like a baby through the night and I have energy that sustains me throughout my busy days. My PMS is gone, and my menstrual cramps are SO much better. Almost gone as well, THAT'S a miracle. He's truly amazing, fun and funny."

The guy is a legit spiritual badass and I would very confidently recommend him to anyone.



"I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Daniel Domoleczny for those with chronic pain such as migraines. Since seeing Daniel, my migraines and muscle tension have retreated to the point where I can look deeper into other personal health issues and see how everything is connected- lifestyle choices like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. Daniel is an amazing healer and guide through my journey of self-discovery. He is helping me to see the "big picture" of my physical, emotional and spiritual health. Because of him, I have become more aware of my body and the symbiotic relationship between mind and body. mind and body.
Yet perhaps what is so special about Daniel's approach is how gentle it is; he listens, notes and gives you ideas for your health, not protocols. Coming from years of attempts at improvement from traditional Western Medicine, Daniel is like a carrion call to wake up and listen to what my body is telling me. I am forever grateful to him for putting me on my path to personal wellness."